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Boat hitchhiking (take two)

Jan 202017


© Alejandro Vilar

I'm heading off to La Gomera - with Uldis, the 69-years-old Latvian sea wolf, who claims to be the best boxer amongst cellists and the best cellist amongst boxers. He wants to circumnavigate the world in his 9 m sailboat "Single Malt". But first I ask him in the marina of San Miguel, if he could give me lift to La Gomera. He says, he hasn't thought about going there but if it's worth a visit, why not? But first of all he invites me on board and wants me to play a few tunes on his guitar.

Living aboard the Hoppet

Dec 012016

When Stefan says goodbye to Luisa and me, she takes a walk around in the harbour and already finds a place to sleep. The schooner's name is "Hoppet" and it has been built in 1927. 


It is one of the last Estonian sailing vessels of its kind. The new owner Alar bought it together with a friend after a Finnish shipyard restored the haul, deck and rigging. So he took care about the interior design, since Hoppet has been used to carry loads and goods in the past. Now there are enough bunks for 20 people and a fully equipped kitchen.

Boat hitchhiking (take one)

Nov 012016


In the morning, after being protected by the Juan the forest elf, we walk to the harbor of Málaga. There are hardly any people on the sailboats and the few that we meet tell us to go searching in another city. Most of the boats here are not going to go further than the Mediterranean Sea. So we hitchhike further south-west.

Andalusian Autumn

Oct 152016



Yannick, Samuel and I are walking the well-known path along the hilly coast line to their car. They take me and another German girl to Las Negras so I can try to hitch from there to Málaga. A guy from San Pedro stops by and takes me to Campo Hermoso which is situated just before the motorway. It should be the perfect place to get to Andalusia. But no one stops.

Au revoir y hola!

Sep 302016


The French Pyrenees (Ariège)

I spent six weeks in the beautiful Saurat valley at family Stoelker. To earn my stay in the comfy room and three scrumptious meals per day, they had different jobs for me. Deborah and Jon are from England and have been living in Bedeilhac for eight years. They bought a property that contained a "gîte" to rent out, a house to live in and some nice green land with loads of Acacia trees. It is situated at the north facing side of the astonishing (especially for climbers) mountain Calamès.


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