Travel Reports

Oh, Caledonia!

Feb 152016

Eilean Donan Castle

Somehow we got stuck in Scotland for five months. After we helped a family in Dornie around their property we hitch-hiked away from the west coast towards the east coast.

Surprisingly sunny English summertime

Sep 072015


The first place we visit in England turns out to be the only official desert of the country: Dungeness. This area looks like it has been taken place in a postapocalyptic zombie film. Besides, we are living right next to a gigantic nuclear power station in the former lighthouse keeper's house. On the first evening a very heavy thunderstorm leads to a blackout (despite the power station, haha). Now that's really something! Regina has chosen this fantastic surreal spot of land as her home. She's putting us up for a few days and introduces us to the English culture of cream tea and scones.


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