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Surprisingly sunny English summertime

Sep 072015


The first place we visit in England turns out to be the only official desert of the country: Dungeness. This area looks like it has been taken place in a postapocalyptic zombie film. Besides, we are living right next to a gigantic nuclear power station in the former lighthouse keeper's house. On the first evening a very heavy thunderstorm leads to a blackout (despite the power station, haha). Now that's really something! Regina has chosen this fantastic surreal spot of land as her home. She's putting us up for a few days and introduces us to the English culture of cream tea and scones.

We savour the best peanut better in the world and enjoy crumpets with jam. Regina's friend Michelle agrees to host us in Brighton. Along the southern coastline we got some enjoyable lifts and finally arrive at the coastal city. Days go by in a flash, we organize ourselves, sort out unnecessary stuff, visit a free Rockabilly festival and comb through the Laines. Some day we decide to move on. We don't have an exact plan whereto, it should just go northwards, because we want to see Scotland.

The people who give us a lift are wonderful, treat us dinner and show us the most peculiar places for wildcamping. Claire and Abi even put us up at their home for a few days (they are both chefs!) and so we visit Conventry, Birmingham, Anne Hathaway's cottage, explore the Yorkshire Dales (aka "The Shire") with Barry, are allowed to camp in the garden of a vicar and residents.

Our gums discover chips with mushy peas, vinegar and salt, trifle, carrot cake and English breakfast à la Claire. Life wishes us well (despite the autumn-like temperatures). However, England is also the first place where we need to buy a bus ticket from Leeds to Keighley. Hitchhiking in the middle of the country shows up as being nearly impossible. But the people are always friendly and interested in our journey the same as we are in their stories. So one day we finally reach the mountains and pass the gate to the Scottish Highlands, always heading towards the sun.



Brighton, East Sussex, England


White Horse Monument, Westbury, Wiltshire, England


Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire Dales, England


Moors near Haworth, West Yorkshire, England

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