Travel Music

During the journey I am always looking for nice music. I have encountered some amazing local musicians as well as traveling musicians. To capture a performance in their "natural habit" is my main goal with these videos. And sometimes I record my own performances, too. But only if the surroundings are nice. You can check out the whole lot of them on my Youtube channel.

There are a lot of caves around Bedeilhac-et-Aynat, France. Some of them are rarely visited, so you can make music wihtout being disturbed. Unfortunately, it wasn't easy to get proper lights in there. So you cannot see very much of the hall itself, but you can hear the great fantastic reverb. I recorded an original song and a cover version in there.

In Saint-Savinien, France, I met the painter Olivia. She invited me to her home and showed me her great workshop. It had such brilliant acoustics, that I needed to record a song. So I chose I cover version of one of my favourite bands.

Joachim and Roman's music fits perfectly in the beautiful scenery of the streets and canals in Gent (Belgium).

I met Oli and James aka. O.J. On The Run in Hamburg (Germany) at the beginning of my journey.